How to Pick a Locked Door Knob

It can be very frustrating to get locked out of your house. Sometimes it may take hours for a Houston locksmith to finally show up and you might not have that much time to wait for them to get there.

Knowing how to pick a lock really can help you get out of a jam. In the event of an emergency, it can definitely come in handy.Before you learn how to pick a door lock, you need to consider first what kind of doorknob you are unlocking. You will also learn some of the general ways of picking these doorknobs before we go into details. Here are three kinds of doorknobs you need to know about:

Traditional Doorknob Lock
This traditional doorknob lock uses a threaded lock mechanism, which is usually difficult to bypass or pick at. When you lock yourself out and forget your keys, you can open this with debit or credit cards, preferably those old cards, or remove the doorknob.

Turning Doorknob Lock
The turning doorknob lock is the one used for interior doors. It has a hole at the center. Use a hairpin to unlock this when you misplace your keys.

Push Button Doorknob Lock
The push-button doorknob lock is the most common doorknob used for interior doors like the turning doorknob lock. The interior knob will have a button to lock the door, and the exterior knob either is smooth or have a small hole. You can use a hairpin and insert it in the small hole. If there’s no hole, you can check the stem of the knob—the hole is usually there.

Turn on the button lock
Collect your tools. Button locks often appear on indoor doors. Usually the bedroom and bathroom in the home. They have a button on the inside door handle that the occupant can press to engage the lock. Many different items can be used to open the button lock from the outside. Anything long and straight that fits in the center hole of the door handle should work. Consider using hair clips, paper clips, or wire hangers.
Find the hole. Most button locks have a small hole in the center of the door handle. If you don't see it, check the handle bar or the area around the handle connected to the door. You should see a small hole. Insert a paper clip into the hole and push. Push the pin into the hole until you feel it stuck. Apply pressure and push the pin forward. You should hear a click. The button lock should pop open.

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